bizazz_iconizazz Website Software

Manage Your Webpage Content, Ecommerce, Contacts & Email Campaigns

Bizazz is our website management software for clients' use.

The Bizazz system enables you to maintain all aspects of your website content: text, photos, products and pricing, customer contacts and orders, automated email campaigns...

Use Bizazz to create or update a single webpage which is suitable for all sized screens. You will never need to manage multiple versions of webpages for phones, tablets and PC's.

Bizazz works well for one, several or multiple users. Its secure system allows no unauthorised changes to your website: only nominated staff members will be able to publish a webpage. You decide who can access each area of your website management system.

Here are some of the features available in Bizazz.

Content Management System (CMS)

  • text editor: create new webpages, edit or delete webpages
  • add new photos anywhere on a webpage
  • easily include enlarged versions of small photos/thumbnails
  • rotating photo gallery: change the photo selection as often as you want
  • insert videos, graphics or audio files into your webpage
  • easy control over menus: rename, reorder, add submenus...
  • cms maintains consistent heading styles and font sizes throughout your website
  • add links and action buttons with many styling options
  • vary your webpage layouts: create columns and subcolumns, block and panel styling
  • set up 'feature panel' links on all pages, to highlight specific webpages for specials, news etc.

Ecommerce System

  • flexible system, customised to suit your business
  • choose your own payment and shipping options
  • auto email alert when order is placed
  • auto reduce number of items in stock
  • upload product details from a spreadsheet: ideal for large numbers of products
  • display multiple product options and photos
  • include product video or audio clips
  • allow customers to upload artwork or text files, for custom designed products
  • custombuilt ecommerce administration and/or link to your business accounting system
  • highest level of Internet security available (SSL EV certificate), for secure credit card transmission from customer to merchant
  • shipping costs are shown upfront - no hidden extras to deter customers.

Photo Processor

  • simplify preparing and loading photos for your website
  • produce uniformly sized, well cropped photos from your computer's photo files
  • create small + enlarged photo pairs
  • ensure standard photo sizes throughout your website for product thumbnails, gallery, feature photos...
  • fast simple photo processing, without expensive or hard to use software.

Contacts & Campaigns

  • database of ecommerce customers and contact form respondents
  • set up automated targetted email campaigns based on your contacts' interests
  • send newsletters, sales notices, reminders...

SuttonNet's inhouse software Bizazz runs on most popular browsers. It comes with training, user manual and ongoing support. You can start with the basics and learn to use more complex features over time.

Bizazz only runs on dedicated web servers chosen by SuttonNet. This minimises hackers' access to code and maximises your website security.