Managed Web & Email Hosting Plans & Prices

Prices in AU$, ex GST, per year for fully managed webhosting per domain/subdomain and for email hosting per email account. Valid from 1 July 2022. Setup fee may apply for new hosting services.

Managed Website Hosting

Business & Personal Managed Webhosting
Site $Managed Hosting $CMS licence $Ecommerce licence $Total
1-page website 250 - - 250/yr
Bizazz site to 15GB, non ecommerce 350 65 - 415/yr
Bizazz site 15-20GB, non ecommerce 535 65 - 600/yr
Other site to 15GB, non ecommerce 415 - - 415/yr
Other site non ecommerce, 15-20GB Storage 670 - - 670/yr
Bizazz Ecommerce 460 65 140 665/yr
Other Ecommerce POA check your software licence
check your software licence POA
WordPress Smart Updates: automated software updates (essential add-on for WordPress sites)** - - - 80/yr
Redirect domain to webpage on another domain 80 (50 if you also host a site with us)
- - 80/yr (50/yr)
DNS hosting only: website or email hosted on another server*** 340 - - 340/yr
Webhosting setup fee 60 - - 60 one-off

*All sites must retain a valid security certificate at all times: see our current pricelist. Software updates are included for SuttonNet-built sites; & for WordPress sites (via Smart Updates & manually in the WP interface).

**If you have paid plugins installed on your WP site, these will require ongoing licence fees payable to 3rd party software developers, in addition to webhosting & Smart Updates charges.

***Where a site's own webhosting provider does not supply DNS hosting.

Email Hosting on your Domain

Email Hosting: per email account
Email Account Plan $Total/yr/email account
500MB POP account 55
1GB POP account (extra storage is useful if you get many emails with large attachments)
1GB IMAP account (minimal storage for IMAP, auto-sync enabled)
5GB IMAP account (auto-sync enabled) 75
10GB IMAP account (auto-sync enabled) 85
Larger accounts (30GB, 50GB) POA
Email-only hosting fee** 50/yr/client

*All plans include any number of aliases. We do not permit permanent mail forwarding to outside addresses such as Gmail, because certain forwarded spam could blacklist our mail servers. 

**Annual service fee charged per client if you have NO other webhosting plan with us. Covers general client support & advice (not one-to-one) and our ongoing research, to help all clients manage their email securely.

For payment terms and other conditions: see our Web Development and Hosting Agreement and Email Hosting information. Prices & plans are subject to change without notice.
Need more?

Ask about our tailored hosting & add-on services:

  • dedicated website & web database storage packages start from 20 Gb, bandwidth 250 Gb/mth: covers any number of domains and subdomains
  • discounts on multiple websites
  • private secure video conference hosting on your own domain (Jitsi video conferencing software): your own dedicated bandwidth & storage
  • other tailored solutions.

About our services

Managed webhosting

Our clients never worry over webhosting! We take care of all hosting-related matters, troubleshooting and (for SuttonNet-built and WordPress sites) web software updates. We work to keep all the websites that share your website's hosting space, clear of any viruses, security risks or malware that could impact other sites too.

You don't need to log in to any webhosting interface or understand complex instructions. There's no risk that you will mess up your website by changing some vital specs. Just log in to your website's CMS to edit webpages and process sales or bookings.

We take responsibility for managing your site's PHP upgrades, DNS records, SSL/TLS certificate installation & the best hosting and server configurations.

See our Hosting Terms and Conditions.

Email hosting

Email is hosted on 3rd party specialist mail servers in Sydney. This is a reseller service; we do not manage the mail servers directly.

Our role is to:

  • create new mail accounts & up/downgrade plans on request
  • set up DNS records (where we host DNS)
  • provide clients with the correct account settings for their plan
  • help clients with setup on their own devices or ad hoc email support (support fees apply)
  • create & manage support tickets to the 3rd party provider on your behalf (fees may apply).
Client support

We are available to answer your queries, concerns and problems re website or email hosting (phone calls & emails).

We reserve the right to charge a Client Support fee. A fee will always be charged for email support.

For urgent problems, you can phone us outside normal office hours. What's urgent? It depends on your business. Always check this site first for fast troubleshooting tips; the answer might be as simple as paying your domain name renewal.

Here are some urgent items:

  • ecommerce sales problems
  • lost data
  • suspected website hacking
  • email failure (after you have checked your account settings & this site)
  • problems that we need to track in our server logs; logs are only kept for a few days
  • anything that will get much worse if it is left unfixed.

Ring or email us and we will attend to your request as soon as we practically can. We check emails and landline messages frequently.

Leaving a message on our M phone (SMS or voicemail) is the slowest & least reliable method of contacting SuttonNet.

  • We don't usually use our mobile phone in the office, except for the dreaded ATO business portal access & for website testing.
  • When we are out and about, we take our M phone; but we might not receive your message/call quickly. Mobile coverage in our local area is patchy.

Last updated 15th July 2022