User Manuals for Bizazz

Download the right PDF manual here and save it; or simply open the manual in your browser & read it online.

We're gradually dividing the manual into sections. Alternatively, you can open or download the entire manual, which has many links between sections.

Contact us if you need a tailored manual, containing only sections relevant to your website.

Basics of Bizazz

Getting Started

Technical & legal matters, what you can do in Bizazz, login & logout, security, 'save' function, main menu

Webpages and photos

CMS I - in preparation

Add, delete & edit webpages, drafts & publishing, search function, manage menus

CMS II - in preparation

More advanced layout: styles, snippets & responsive tables

Website Images - in preparation

Prepare & load photos, position photos on webpage, photo titles & alternate text, captions, borders & shadows

Manage photo galleries, special requirements for loading gallery photos

Special tools

Administration - in preparation

Manage Bizazz user access, classifications

Contacts & Campaigns - in preparation

Contact database, online forms, (responsive) email notifications & mail campaigns

Ecommerce - in preparation

Products, shipping, orders & sales, product photos (includes relevant material from Website Images)

Full manual

Client's manual

Includes all advanced tools