Small Business Email Fundamentals

Email hosting ABC's

  • Which of my email addresses does Bizazz host?

    We only host email accounts that use your domain name: eg If you have problems with your Bigpond, Gmail or other email account: ask your supplier first. We might be able to help if you get nowhere with them.

  • What is a mail server?

    It's a computer connected 24/7 to the Internet that manages the comings and goings of your email.

    • An incoming mail server holds email accounts, and receives emails that have been sent to any of the email accounts on this server.
    • An outgoing mail server sends emails from your computer/phone towards the right mail server to receive them: ie the mail server that hosts your addressee's email account. It can't send them directly to that server: the email might go through many connecting computers (routers), before it arrives at the right address.

  • About email accounts & mailboxes...

    An email account is a set of folders on a mail server, in a particular account name: eg The folders hold various files (ie emails).

    An email account can either:

    • have a mailbox, or
    • have no mailbox and forward all emails to another email address, or
    • have its own mailbox AND forward emails.

    A mailbox is rather like a letterbox, but it collects emails instead of paper mail. A mailbox has to always be connected to the Internet, so that incoming emails have a landing place.

    You view emails from the mailbox on your own computer or phone, using your own email software, also confusingly known as an email client (Thunderbird, K9 etc).

  • I need a new email address for my business

    Contact us; we'll create a new email address quickly.

  • There's a problem with my Bizazz-hosted email

    Try our Find & Fix page for some common problems. If that doesn't help, contact us.

Use your business domain name

The email address on your website & business documents is usually best as a general email address which ends with your website name (eg

  1. Your email address is a constant reminder to contacts of your website name.
  2. An @yourdomain email address is owned by your business; cheap/free email accounts that use other domain names can be removed by the operator.
  3. If your business is sold or a staff member leaves, the main contact email address which customers know, still works.
Before the @

Unless you 'are' the business, use a general name like info@ for enquiries, not Joe might leave or change roles. Don't let customer enquiries head to a closed or little-used email account.

Personal vs business

Don't use a business domain name for personal email. When you leave or sell the business, you don't want to change your private email address.