Website Development

Growing websites, growing businesses

SuttonNet does more than the average web designer. We design and build straightforward websites; however, our niche is releasing your business's full online potential via tailored, innovative website programming.

Our websites are designed to expand easily, by adding components such as databases, new webpages, sliders, submenus and more.

But some SuttonNet-built websites have been around nearly as long as we have, without discernible change. If that's you, then get cracking!

With some well planned changes to its website, your business could become more useful to customers and more profitable to you. Talk to us about your ideas. We can work out together what's feasible for your website and your budget.

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You can jot down your plans and ideas using our website planner. When you're ready, click 'submit' to ask us for a quote.

A new site?

No website lasts forever.

  • If your website still isn't mobile phone friendly, order a new website now. You miss out on sales every time that a smartphone user struggles to use your site. Search rankings suffer too. Half of all web traffic these days is on mobile devices. Much of that is Netflix and social media! But your website needs to be at your customers' fingertips too.
  • Major changes to graphic design require at least a new page template and may mean an all-new website.
  • Website code and structure needs updating at times. Some of these updates we add to your website without charge. But eventually an old website is neither secure nor effective.

Replacing your current website need not be overwhelming. Current text and images can generally be re-worked, at least in part. The new website will have the latest version of our Bizazz website management system. If your site already uses Bizmaker or Bizazz, the new system will be both familiar and easier to use.

Update your current site?

If your responsively designed (phone friendly) website is more than 4 years old and hasn't had an overhaul: it's probably time for a major update of text and images. Fresh content reassure site visitors that you are still alive, and it helps boost your search rankings.

Have your business goals changed? You'll benefit by revising webpage content. You should also consider changing the site look, to match your new vision or target group:

  • Menu design, site header and footer: we can revise what's there or build an all-new template, depending on the changes needed.
  • Webpages: you or we can update layout and content via the content management system. We can also add new style options for responsive websites, such as text & heading colours, full width block panels, panel border colours, photo borders and more.

Do you need more facilities on your website? Ask for a quote.

We can update shipping or payment methods on an ecommerce website at any time. Your customers' expectations change over the years. If you or they aren't happy with what you do now, invest time in working out what will be cost effective for your business.

  • Consider charges on credit cards and on payment gateways such as Paypal, percentage-of-sales fees vs flat rate, and the speed and security of various payment options.
  • Direct deposit for ecommerce has grown in recent years. It adds manual processing but can avoid fees for the merchant. Adding direct deposit as an option requires some adjustment of your ecommerce system to cover both online and offline (delayed) payments.

Customised ecommerce: the pro's

Custom programming need not cost you the earth. You can also enhance features over time, so that your website pays for itself.

  • It is ideal for product lines that are a little unusual.
  • It presents your products to their best advantage - as you would do in a bricks and mortar store.
  • Options, combined options and any additional costs or instructions are set out in the way that makes best sense.
  • Behind-the-scenes sales management can be integrated with your website: eg automated online stock count, import sales records into your accounting system, detailed online management of production and/or despatch.

Our approach

At SuttonNet:

  1. We take responsibility for the quality of our websites and fix any known problems.
  2. We seek to adapt our software to suit your business, not the other way around.
  3. Our approach to coding values security and speed, with maximal simplicity. That keeps your website fast and reduces the chances of software bugs and hacking.