Weather Station

Our weather station began operation in mid 2017. It records, stores and publishes online the weather conditions in our location: Long Corner Creek valley in the locality of Bolaro, near Adaminaby NSW.

Weather is diverse across different parts of the Monaro due to the influence of mountains, hills and lakes. It can be extreme, with heavy frosts or snow. Yet the entire Monaro - Snowy Mountains district is covered by only a few Bureau of Meteorology weather stations.

What do we record?

Current and past data are made available on our website:

  • temperature (current, mean, maximum, minimum)
  • rainfall
  • humidity
  • wind conditions (speed, direction [currently n/a], gusts).

Why a weather station?

Bill loves weather. Clouds, storms, satellite images, barometric charts, historical records. It's a love he can usefully share with friends, local enterprises and visitors. Our nearest official station is 65 km away. It is often at variance with conditions around Adaminaby. So community groups, businesses and individuals set up their own weather stations. Farmers, fishermen, tourism operators and others need accurate local reports.

Weather station specs

Equipment: Davis Weather station: Wireless Vantage Pro 2 Fan Asp, Weatherlink Serial, Anemometer transmitter kit with repeater to transmit data to our house, all purchased from Davis Instruments Australia.

Wind: anemometer on a 10m pole, around 1100m above sea level. This location was chosen because it is well exposed to all directions.

Temperature, rainfall & humidity: recorded at 1066m, c 200m from the anemometer.

It's legitimate to record wind and temperatures in separate but nearby locations. Here, it's the most practical solution. Temperatures at the top of the slope (where the wind is measured) are significantly higher than for the rest of our property and the valley we live in. Our lower areas are all sheltered from one direction or another by the shape of the land, so they could not be used to accurately record wind movements.

Whenever there's green grass here, our weather station meets the standards for obtaining accurate measurements. That's not achievable in late summer, nor indeed in winter when frosts kill leaf growth; nor after a snowfall. But weather stations all over the world face such problems.

Thank you...

Many thanks to the friends and helpers who made this dream come true with their labour, advice, donation of materials, lending equipment and helping to install the pole for the anemometer: Dennis, Paul, Andrew, Chester.

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