Control Spam Email Behaviour

Being bombarded with spam is a nuisance and can be very disruptive to your email management. Instructions on how to control spam can be difficult to come by as most deal with how to stop spam going to Junk or Spam folders. 

Below are instructions on how to send emails that have been marked as spam (generally the subject line has ****SPAM****) directly to the spam or junk folder. Note that these instructions are for the most popular email clients. If your email client is not included below, please do an internet search on the terms <email client name> send spam folder.


Instructions from
Right-click the account name in Thunderbird.  Choose Settings.

Select Junk Settings (left side of screen) for the account you need.

On the right side of the screen are Thunderbird's actions for junk mail. Choose 'Move new junk messages to' and select the folder where you want the junk messages to go.
Note: If you are working with a gmail account in Thunderbird, it often offers the option of the 'Spam' folder.

Apple Mail

The instructions vary depending on your operating system. Visit this website to get the correct instructions:

To explore your options and change to your preferences, in your Mail app, choose Mail, then Preferences, then click Junk Mail. 

Or use Mailbox Behaviours to change where your messages are stored.


Comprehensive instructions available here:

To mark email as spam on an iPhone, move it to the Junk folder. Once that's done, Mail remembers the email's sender and future emails from them are marked as spam.


Outlook users frequently have the opposite problem - stopping things going to Spam or Junk folder.  For information on managing Spam, it is best to read Microsoft's guide to spam and Outlook and then decide how best to manage your Outlook mail.

** Information and reference websites current as of March 2022