Reliable Webhosting

About your website's server

Bizazz manages all our clients' webhosting. You don't need to know all about hosting settings, server specifications, website installation or software updates. For those who are interested, here are the specs.

We use cloud server technology. If any hardware in the cloud strikes problems, it will not affect your website. Other computers in the cloud will take over. We use a virtual private server, configured specially for our custom websites and for our use only. No one accesses your website's host server without our knowledge and permission.

Webserver specs

Resources shared across our clients & inhouse services

2 public IP addresses

6 CPU cores


360 GB SSD* cloud storage

3500 GB bandwidth per month

Plesk website & email hosting management software

Smart Updates for WordPress

Daily backups

Quarterly server security and performance audits

99.999% uptime SLA

*A solid state hard drive (SSD) is much faster - but has less storage capacity - than a rotating hard drive. This is ideal for websites.

When a server reaches 70-75% capacity (bandwidth or storage): we upscale it or acquire an additional server and move some websites to it. That keeps all clients' websites running fast, no matter how large and busy the sites get.

Service level agreement (SLA)

Your website's server operates under exceptionally high service level agreements. That means minimal disruption to your website's operation due to server maintenance or issues.

Our webserver has a 99.999% uptime SLA: our server provider guarantees there will be no more than 26 seconds per month of service interruption from server hardware or software maintenance or problems. An SLA of 99.95% uptime is common in webhosting: that would allow up to 21 minutes of downtime per month for maintenance!

Note: server SLA isn't the same as website uptime. There are many possible reasons for a website going down. The Internet relies on an enormous array of Internet service providers, phone lines, repeater towers, connections and computer hardware and software worldwide. Most of this is outside any single hosting service's control.

Is there a problem?

If things go wrong (eg your website is down), there could be a glitch anywhere in the complex system that connects your website to the Internet.

Visit our Quick Fixes page for a DIY run-through of common issues & solutions. If you still need help, contact us by email or phone.

Managing your hosting

Server maintenance

Our server is set up for optimal website performance and easy installation of custom software and web applications. Your website's capabilities aren't limited by an overloaded or poorly configured web server. We hire our server hardware and software from server specialists that we have worked with for many years. They take care of:

  • physical infrastructure
  • cloud software
  • hardware and software configuration to our requirements
  • regular upgrades
  • server maintenance and security
  • 24/7/365 support.

Bizazz looks after the entire webhosting end of the server operation.


Hackers hack; no human agency can stop them altogether. We use reliable, up to date software and security protocols on all our servers and business computers. Our own computers run Linux systems.

Occasionally a client is disappointed because the very latest version of this or that software isn't available on our servers. That's because we only use proven software, not beta releases. We wait until the bugs are fixed before allowing new versions on board.

Server logs are monitored for suspicious activity. We use high quality, secure inhouse and open source third party software to develop and maintain your website. Some web software is well known for its security problems; we don't build sites with software that has a poor history of performance or hackability.

We encourage our clients to take website and email security seriously to keep their computers & websites safe from hackers.

If you're interested in improving the security of your business systems, ask today about installing Linux on your PC, laptop & tablet.