Maintenance Matters

The best website in the world won't stay that way for long if no one updates it. Spend time &/or dollars on your website or you'll waste that initial investment Fresh information and photos keep website visitors coming back and they keep your site's search engine rankings healthy.

Make the most of your Bizazz® webpage editor

Just do it. Keep your pages up to date. Use high quality photos where you can, especially of your products. Get to know your website management system and use it. Ask for help when you need it. Before you log off from Bizazz: check how your edited webpages look on a mobile phone & widescreen.

How many brains are there in your business? If the answer is >1, why not encourage/bludgeon someone else into editing webpages. Important updates won't have to wait for that one key person to have 'spare time'.

If we are visiting your area, ask us to come to your workplace & upgrade your employees' Bizazz CMS skills with a face-to-face training session. We can discuss your future website plans while we're there.;

Webpage Updates by Bizazz

At times you will need professional help to produce the best and most profitable outcome. Work out when it's better to pay for webpage updates. You can contact us any time for one-off changes to your site.

Or plan ahead with our Webpages+ service: an annual prepaid discount plan for webpage content updates (edit text and page layout, add photos & other images, new webpages, SEO, website content review).

  1. Set your own annual website maintenance budget. Pay upfront, for a discount on our usual webpage content rates.
  2. Provide us with your text, notes, photos & instructions any time during the year. We'll do the rest.

Contact Bizazz

Webpage editing is not the same as wordprocessing. You can't use wordprocessing tricks to force webpage photos & text into place. It might look OK to you; but these fudges will likely create problems on other operating systems or browsers. Can't work out how to produce the layout that you want? Get in touch and we'll get you on track.

If your website is more than 4 years old: ask us whether the responsive software and/or your Bizazz interface need an upgrade to newer versions.

Growing websites for growing businesses

Your business defines your website; your website shouldn't limit your business. Bizazz websites are designed to change and grow as your business grows, instead of having to build a new site from scratch. This saves you time, grey hairs and money.

Contact us if you want your website to do a little or a lot more. We can add extra text or background colours, change pagewidth specs or font sizes. We can add ecommerce, an online booking system, backend processes management or connect online sales to your accounts system. We'll use customised web programming to produce exactly what your business needs.