Update Your Website

DIY or call on SuttonNet, but do it

Putting off much needed website updates? We've been guilty of that too.

No website meets its goals by accident. If you'd like more from your website: don't just sit there. You can make a difference.

  • Your website's content (what your text & photos tell) and layout (take the customer where you want them to go) are critical.
  • If your website is too slow, you will lose customers. Check your site's speed with help from one of the many free speed tests available online.

Where to start?

Some changes you can make yourself using the Bizazz® content management system. Others you'll need us to do for you, or at least give you a helping hand.

  • Minor items are covered within your managed webhosting & support fee: eg if you can't position a photo as you want it.
  • Complex layouts are usually our task, unless you are confident with the Bizazz® cms and know enough html code to check that tricky changes have been done right.
  • You can pay upfront for webpage content updates via Managed Webhosting+ (25% discount on our usual hourly rates for webpage editing). Or ask us to make one-off changes at any time.
  • Some changes are not achievable via Bizazz®: eg new website colours, footer or header edits. Contact us.
1 High search rankings are a start, not the goal

Next step is conversions. Good content converts site visits into useful action: buy, join up, email us....

2 Is your website drawing in plenty of business?

If it is, find out why and build on that. If not: find out why and change it.

Read some easy tips here on assessing and improving site performance.

You can ask us for help in diagnosing the good and less good aspects of your website. Sometimes simple changes make a big difference.

3 Get moving

Every day that you retain outdated and ineffectual website content costs your business.

  • Sales foregone
  • Your webhosting fees could be returning much more
  • Your initial investment in building a website could be generating more return.

You can be sure that your competitors update their websites. If they climb up the search engine rankings, your same-as-ever website inevitably slips down. The longer you delay, the harder it is for people to find your business online.

4 Website 'expenditure' vs 'investment'

Whether it's time or $ you invest in your website, spend it wisely and assess the returns.

It could be much more cost effective to spend $100 or even $1000 on site updates now and get quick results, than to wait "until you have time" to edit your website yourself.

How much do you expect to benefit from the planned updates? How much will your business suffer, if your website is not updated now? In the next 3 months? In the next 6 months?

Managed Webhosting+
Professional webpage updates at a 25% discount on our usual hourly rates.

You can upgrade your webhosting & support to include webpage management: search engine optimisation, text or photo updates, new webpages, layout changes...

  1. You set your own annual budget for webpage updates at start of your hosting billing period.
  2. We add this amount to your annual hosting invoice, specifying the no of hours of webpage management that you are entitled to.
  3. When you want us to update your website: send us your text/notes, photos & instructions. For images, supply a description of what they are about. Then we can create search engine- and user-friendly titles.
  4. It takes 1 - 3 weeks (depending on job size) for the initial work, approval and one round of amendments.
  5. If you don't use up your credit by the end of month 11, you allocate it towards:
    1. statistics review &/or search engine optimisation (SEO); or
    2. your upcoming SuttonNet hosting invoice.

Ask for Managed Webhosting+

Ad hoc website content work

Any time, any quantity. Webpage updates at our standard hourly webpage content rates, for clients who don't want to commit to a prepaid service.

Contact us for current rates.